Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Super Junior M

Super Junior is the third official sub-unit of Korean boy band Super Junior.They are the first international music group in the Chinese music industry to have members of both Chinese and Korean descent,and are also the first group produced by Korea's CT (Culture Technology) organization, created through a comprehensive localization strategy.Super Junior-M consists of Super Junior members Han Geng (the leader), Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and two non-Super Junior members, Henry and Zhou Mi.

hankyung Han Geng 한경 韩庚 1984-02-09 (age 25) China

Donghae 이동해 李東海 1986-10-15 (age 23) Seoul, South Korea

Henry 刘宪华 1989-10-11 (age 20) Toronto, Canada

Kyuhyun 조규현 趙圭賢 1988-02-03 (age 22) Seoul, South Korea

Ryeowook 김려욱 金厲旭 1987-06-21 (age 22)Incheon, South Korea

Siwon 최시원 崔始源 1987-02-10(age 22) Seoul, South Korea

Zhou-Mi 周觅 1986-04-19 (age 23) Wuhan, Hubei, China

Super Junior M - Super Girl
kinda weird when they sing pop song with chinese because have korean accent but really they do improve a lot compare with last time. *clap*

I just like the way their wear,very smart.
Smart Casual..:)

they can sing well in chinese song if that song is soft and slow,they do improve a lot in sing chinese song

Super Junior - 到了明天 Blue Tomorrow 뮤직비디오

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SNSD Girl's Generation New Song

This is the new hitz from SNSD - Genie

I love them since they release first album,they look pretty,cute,sexy,young and great...
I notice that TaeYeon[1st girl who start sing Genie song]look mature and pretty a lot compare with before because her hair permed already and eyes become bigger.
They dance with the kicking moves,it's make their legs look long and sexy.
Damn...i love them...
enjoy they new hit...^^

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Feel learning dance

recently feel learn dance,reason because super junior...haha
this video was latest performence of super junior,i love their clothes so much.Look like club monaco clothes,but it's too expensive for me,RM200-300 for SHORTS only.

This video was SORRY SORRY step dance,this 2 guys was Justin timberlake dancing teacher.They awesome!!!

Gym Life

Latest life really bored,back hometown wanted to friend to have a drink also hard.
Just back KL yesterday noon,then plan to go gym with friend.Almost 1weeks didnt go gym already,so train my chest part.After yesterday gym.Today woke up,my chest so damn pain ar!!!
after used to gym,really cannot stop do gym within 3days.If not,you guy sure will be like me.
Here have some new gym picture that took by my friend clifford who latest wanted to train his body.

Clifford,me & LT

CLifford wanted to take picture for his blog

didnt i improve my body shape?
do i look big size compare with before?
give some comment...
maybe because i stand besides LT and clifford,that why my body look big.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I become a Korean Addicted Freak

Recently i really addicted korean song,there have a lot of korean song very nice.
Some of my friend addicted korean song since long time ago,always saw them sugguest korean song on facebook.Once i log in my facebook,i sure check see wheather my friend have intro korean new song^^
This few song are my latest favourite korean songs
actually i like 2 or 3 songs since Super Junior just release first album,not really like them because they look so "lala" or "ah beng".
but they came out with new album "Sorry Sorry" since March,they all dress more mature and hair also shorter a lot compare with last time.

Super Junior - It's You

This song from second version of album "Sorry Sorry",is a Repackage Album,inside this album have additional 4 new songs.

Here another new korean song
BigBang & 2NE1 - Lollipop

I quite like this girl band,they look sexy^^
and they phone also,LG brand model LH-8000.I like the black colour,look more boyish.
But i not really like LG phone function.
this have some LG LH-8000 model picture,have a look.

it's look nice,right?specially the black colour,hehe^^

now i want introduce the last korean song,this song from SS501.It from Boys Over Flowers Korean Drama Sound Track OST,韩版花样男子片尾曲.
One male actor from Boys Over Flowers is from SS501 member,name Kim Hyun Joong 金贤重.
After this drama release,SS501 become popular and also their song.Even though i not yet watch this drama,i feel that it's quite nice.Maybe because i watched some of it,their dressing very nice.Look very smart and all korean drama also very funny so i think this drama must be very funny and nice.
SS501 - Because i'm stupid 因为我太傻

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Funny Video Clip

詹瑞文 really si beh geng!!!!
i laugh until beh tahan
"Point" also can read from behind,read tniop =="
"do" nonstop,do do do....hard do and soft do...=="
can laugh until die...xD

New "Star Trek" Movie

I just watched the new "Star Trek" movie at midvalley,it's very nice.
i was thought that Star Trek was bored,but after i watched that New "Star Trek" Movie,it's completely change my mind of Star Trek.

This is New "Star Trek" Trailer

it's really worth to watch it,you guy should go and watch it.
It's coming on next friday 8th of May...

There have some few nice movie coming soon also

"Fighting" Movie Trailer

The main actor:Channing Tatum[Step Up 1st episod main actor]
and the guy who act as general in Ironman movie,Terrence Howard acting too.

"Monster vs Aliens" Movie Trailer
it's DreamWorks 3D movie and from the creators of Sherk and Kung Fu Panda,you guy can load and watch how funny it is.